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Bong Toi Jazz (Shadow of Jazz)


Shadow of Jazz is the long-awaited album by Vietnamese composer Giang Son and features performances by Ha Tran and Tung Duong. It has been a minute since Ha's foray into jazz, and she does not disappoint with five new songs. Since this is the Vietnam release, we have limited copies in stock so get yours now...once they're gone, they are gone.

1) Cham (Fondly)
2) Khuc Yeu (Passionate Love Song)
3) Tim (Looking for You)
4) Nang Muon (Late Ray of Sunbeam)
5) Vet Buon (Stain of Sadness)
6) Co Va Mua (Grass and Rain)
7) Dem Doi (Lingering Night)
8) Thu Can (The End of Autumn)
9) Nhung Mua He Lanh (Chilly Summers)
10) Bong Toi Jazz (Shadow of Jazz)