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Com06 blends Vietnamese music with trip hop, electronic, and downtempo elements and pushes Ha's musical boundaries beyond her previous works. Recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely in the U.S., the album received numerous accolades in Vietnam including 2006 Innovation Award and 2006 Album of the Year...it was also voted as 2006's best album by Vietnamese online music sites.

1) Giac Mo La (Delusive Dream)
2) Ran Ngo (Leaving the Alley)
3) Binh Nguyen Xa Vang (Distant Plains)
4) Nuoc Sau (Deep Water)
5) Tieng Goi (The Calling)
6) Lu Khach Song Hong (The Red River Nomad)
7) Mua Bay Thap Co (Mist Over the Ancient Tower)
8) Que Nha (Nostalgia)
9) Que Nha Outro
10) Deep Water
11) Without