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Ha Tran Music

Minimal Beasts by Whodat


Image of Minimal Beasts by Whodat

Produced by Ha Tran, Minimal Beasts blends electronic, trip hop, ambient, and rock influences with Vietnamese elements. The first single Stroma (Diep Luc) features Ha's vocals and won the 2010 people’s choice award in Vietnam. That year, Stroma was also voted as one of the top 5 singles in Vietnam.

1) Antimatter (Phan Ung Nguyen Tu)
2) Stroma (Diep Luc)
3) Falling Man (Tuot Doc)
4) Indigo (Mau Cham)
5) Coffee for Two (Cafe Buoi Toi)
6) Breathing In (Tho)
7) Separation Anxiety (Chia Xa)
8) Contact (Ket Noi)
9) Loose Lips (Khoac Lac)
10) Mosquito Bombs (Bom Muoi)
11) Mechanisms (Thoi Dai Co Khi)
12) Interference (Nhieu Song)
13) Smoke Jacket (Ao Chong Mui)
14) Rusted (Ri Set)
15) Shame (Ho Then)