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Trần Tiến


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Tran Tien is a collection of songs written by renowned Vietnamese composer Tran Tien. Recorded in California and mixed/mastered in Hanoi, the album contains 13 tracks and features performances by Ha Tran, Hoa Tran, Tung Duong, and Applesauce Tran. Tran Tien received critical acclaim and was nominated for 2008 Album of the Year in Vietnam. It is said that one in three Vietnamese know a Tran Tien song by heart…we feel the album has at least a song for everyone.

1) Ra Ngo Tung Kinh
2) Ngau Hung Pho
3) Nhang Pho
4) Pho Nui
5) Lien Khuc Chi Toi & Sao Em Bo Voi Lay Chong
6) Mot Minh
7) Doa Xoa Xanh
8) Diep Khuc Tinh Yeu
9) Doc Huyen Cam
10) Hoa Tau Ta Vui Xoe Nhe
11) Mat Troi Be Con
12) Vat Doi Sao Doi
13) Den Trang
14) Ran Ngo Tung Kinh (Whodat Remix)